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SIMSUM ARTS was started in the year 2009 at Hyderabad by Dr.Sindhura (BFA) and Dr.Sumadhura (BFA). And since then they have contributed to the field of art in its different forms and have been very successful in making people meet the artists within themselves through Workshops, Regular classes, Certificate courses( Online and Offline), Exhibitions ( National and International), Competitions and also help many Artists sell their works by Providing a platform etc.

Art Exhibitions at SimSum Arts are always a ray of hope and a window of opportunity for art lovers and enthusiasts to further and promote their valuable masterpieces.

WHY choose us


SINCE 2009

Since 2009, our contribution to the field of art in its gamut of facets has been extensive and fulfilling especially in making people meet the artists with them.  We take pride in having trained many Pro-Artists and Art Instructors to refine, upgrade, and excel their knowledge and skills.



Personal and friendly one-to-one attention depending on each student’s learning curve has been our unstinted motto.  Easy step-by-step guidance from basics to advanced techniques for easy churning of knowledge.


AFFORDABLE PRICING online/offline)

Pocket-friendly pricing on courses and workshops while imparting high-quality sacred and secret knowledge and artistic techniques to take your skills to the toppest level.



We conduct National and International Art Exhibitions at SimSum Arts Gallery periodically where you can exhibit and sell your artworks and showcase your skill and talent through your masterpieces to the entire world while also benefiting monetarily.

Don’t just get a Degree or Diploma; gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen field!!

SIMSUM ARTS in collaboration with Simsum College of Fine Arts & Design offers Advanced Skill Training programs in

  • Fine Arts,
  • Interior Designing and
  • Fashion Designing.

Our programs include Bachelor Degrees (3 or 4 Years), Master Degrees (2 Years), Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Certificate programs from UGC recognized University/ Council approved by Govt of India.

Additionally our courses are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen field. We offer a range of courses that are tailored to meet the needs of students at all levels, from beginners to advanced learners.


Since 2009, SIMSUM Arts has provided guidance to more than 15,000 students worldwide to excel in creative fields.

We have expanded our training programs by registering with a UGC-recognized open university to recruit students, assist them with paperwork done at the time of admission, and establish outreach programs and events to promote the university. We offer Diploma, Undergraduate Degree or Master degree certification from the university. We request students to go through the university website before joining us. We also provide courses in Non-Formal mode through Online or Offline Diploma/ Advanced Diploma/ Mastership and Certification programs certification from Accredited Fine Arts Crafts and Design council of India which is approved by Government of India.

These certificates are valid anywhere in India and some universities abroad (please check with them initially if you are planning to go abroad).

In order to succeed in Fine Arts, Interior Designing or Fashion Designing programs, students must achieve hands-on skills in both traditional and digital methods along with theoretical knowledge. At SIMSUM College of Fine Arts & Design, we provide proper training along with all the following benefits:

  • Programs can be done online, offline or part-time.
  • Can also be done just by staying at home.
  • No age limit. All we require is that you have a minimum qualification of 10+2 (Intermediate/12th) if the course is from university or qualification of 10th standard if council certification is chosen.
  • Recorded video classes and live classes/offline classes.
  • If you are unable to attend an offline class, you may attend an online live class.
  • Weekly assignments corrected and explained.
  • Flexible weekly classes.
  • No attendance system (but weekly submissions are compulsory to attend an exam).
  • Interaction with instructors.
  • Can be done as a part-time course but with more support.
  • Get guidance both in theory and practicals.
  • Many extracurricular activities added to the student to help them learn in a fun way.
  • Get updated with all the latest knowledge and techniques with our continuing education programs.
  • Get exposed to creative national and international exhibitions & shows.
  • Material supplied by us for more ease of understanding usage of different art material.
  • Exam preparation material and notes given which will be supported for preparation.
  • International standards of learning.
  • International brands are introduced to explore.
  • Regular art exhibitions.
  • Art/educational tours programs & site visits.
  • Art awards/competitions.
  • Advances in art updated.
  • Recent advances.
  • Exposure to multiple workshops.
  • National/international conferences.
  • Programs to improve your communication skills and portfolio development.
  • Placements support.